Calculator for Closed Back Cabinets Using One Speaker

A cabinet dimension ratio of    1 : 1.618 : 0.618    is called the Golden Ratio. According to the math, it provides the best rejection or supression of resonances and other annomolies that can color your tone. Keep in mind, some designers and players prefer a cabinet that exhibits some of these anomallies to provide added texture and complexity to their tone. Also, many cabinet designs that are partly responsible for that classic vintage tone were based on economics rather than performance.

First, we enter the speaker's T-S parameters

Enter Fs : Hz The resonant frequency of the speaker.
Enter Qms:  The mechanical Q
Enter Qes : The electrical Q
Enter Qts : Total Q  
Enter Vas : liters The volume of air with same compliance as the speaker.

Next, we enter the size of the cabinet we want plus we enter the volume of the speaker that will go in it. From that, we can calculate the recommended dimensions of the cabinet and the estimated performance characteristics.

Enter Vdr : liters Volume of speaker and other parts
Enter  V b : liters Estimated desired cabinet volume

Width =    cm
Height =    cm 
  Depth =    cm 
Performance Estimate

  Value Definition
Q =   Total Q of system.
Fdb =   Hz Frequency at peak decibel.
Peak db =   db Peak decibel at resonance. 
F3 =   Hz The cut off frequency at -3db.

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